Adventures picking a motorized chair

August 13, 2009

Today was another busy day! Went out early in the morning with my Mom and some of her friends for breakfast… Came home and did some work on my portfolio redesign then it was time for Matt from Wheelchairs of Berkeley to come over to discuss what kind of motorized chair I will get. There are so many options that it was almost overwhelming but Matt was there to guide me every step of the way. It was decided that my chair would have many drive settings but only 3 main ones that will have many subsets. My concern is will the chair have a enough power to go up the hills at HNU. Luckily for me there is a drive setting that has a lot of torque to accommodate me. I will even have hydraulics to keep me from tipping and be able to ride 20 to 25 miles on one battery charge. I will hopefully be able to test drive a chair on Friday or Monday at the latest… I am really excited because this will allow me to be more independent and hopefully my left wrist will finally heal! Yay!

Most importantly the chair will relieve some pain in hips, knees and back because the chair will actually fit me much better. Because my current chair is over 8 years old and I have grown since then!

More later! Time for bed! *Golden Spaula waves goodbye* 😉


One Response to “Adventures picking a motorized chair”

  1. Ivy said

    Hi Rebecca,

    I am glad to hear that you are getting more and more independent. Good for you! I am sure God is taking good care of you. He is watching every final details for you and for sure will make things work out for you. Hope you will have another excellent year in college. Just do your best as always.

    Patricia will be going to Las Pos and Jackie will graduate from HS in Dec. I am no longer working as a aide in the preschool. I got put to do inclusion in kindergarten due to the budget cut. I am not sure I will like the new position, but will keep you update.

    Take care.
    With love and regards to your family,

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