Errands and Money Worries

August 14, 2009

Today has been an interesting day again… Was running errands with my Mom and was almost run over by people in Target and then got ugly looks when I said excuse me. On the brighter side of life I am getting used running errands and holding several items in my hands while pushing my chair with one hand. Also, I have found some creative ways to grab items off  high shelves because when you ask employees they seem like they are bothered to help people with disabilities.  I cannot wait to get my motorized chair because this will make errands so much easier because I will have a tray to place items and my wrist will not get strained because I will not have to propel myself for and stop on a dime because people run in my way.

Once Back from errands I decided to start pricing out cars and the conversions that I may need. I still have to do the DMV stuff and interview with a driver safety officer and then the most scary part is the behind the wheel test at DMV. The lessons alone are 250-750 an hour. I believe I need about 30-40 hours of training with an instructor that specialize in teaching people with Cerebral Palsy and this does not even include the skills evaulation that I have to do even before getting behind the wheel. So at 250 dollars X 30 hours that would be 7,500 dollars (That is the cheapest) that is so expensive. I have no idea how I will able to afford this and pay for college. Then once I pass the behind the wheel test I either have to rent or buy a car then pay for the conversions. I found cars as cheap as 20,000 and 50,000 but these cars only have some of the conversions I need. Conversions for hand controls are as little as 850 up to 2,000. Here’s a link to the hand controls I would probably get I also found these transfer seats that may or may not be helpful to me because I would just probably take the driver seat out and just use my power-chair as the seat. These transfer seats start at $1,995.00. Here’s a link to that as well

As for the car itself I found a few companies that do cars for the disabled but they are all out of state. I am hoping to get something different then typical van. I like this van but it cost a shocking 44,582 and it still does not most of the conversions I would need. My dream car would be a red scion not sure how much those are.

So, needless to say I am a little down because it looks like I will not be driving anytime soon because it cost too much and in this current economic situation its just not practical to ask my parents for over 40,000 dollars to pay for lessons and a car. I think it time to start playing the lotto!

*Golden Spatula waving goodbye with a frown face*


One Response to “Errands and Money Worries”

  1. Ivy said

    Dear God, I pray now that You are overlooking Rebecca’s whole financial situition. It dose seem impossible to her to pull that kind of money, but God, for You, that’s not even a number! I ask You right now to help Rebecca, grant her the money that she needs. This prayer will not cease until it is answered. In sweet Jesus name we pray, amen.

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