Busy Busy Week….

August 21, 2009

Been an insane week…. Monday and Tuesday was spent dealing with SSI issues. So far I have not been deined but I am waiting for an agent to call me back. The guy on the phone was so rude when I had trouble speaking and it make it so much worse. So, I again explained to him that I have a stutter and then he automatic assumed that I was retarded. Then he decided that my case was closed and he needed to call us back. I needed to go to HNU in the evening for our first ASHNU meeting so I was quite upset that we would have to wait around all day. So, I spent the day working on a new SEO campaign for my website and getting ready for fall semester. 2:30 came and went no phone call my mom called and left a message for the SSI guy and then it was off to HNU for the ASHNU dinner.

Had a great time at the ASHNU Dinner and cannot wait to start this semester and do some awesome stuff for the HNU Community especially the commuters. Got home and saw the message light and the SSI guy left a message that we needed to call him at 7 AM because he wanted to process my claim. I was like 7 am that so early. I also had an appointment 10 AM with my department of rehab counselor. So, 6:30 am my mom gets up and says time to get up for the SSI guy. I decided to sleep instead of get up because this time the guy just wanted to speak to my mom. 7:15 AM no call my mom leaves him a voice mail no answer… Ok it’s now 8:45 am still no call. Got to get up for my rehab meeting. My Mom call again and no answer. Got to hop in the car and go to meeting. The meeting went well with the department of rehab I am now in plan and will have some help finding a job once I finish my undergrad.  We get back from the meeting and running some errands and the message light is blinking big as life the SSI guy calls and says call me back… Not I am sorry I made you get up at the crack of dawn for nothing. So, I call him back and he ask for my mom… I promptly give the phone to my mom but keep it in conference call mode so I heard the whole thing… basically you cannot have any money or assets but the ironic thing is that they still expect you to pay bills and god forbid you actually save your money like I do because you get punished. The kicker of the whole interview was do you have any money is your pocket… I was like what so my mom asked him to repeat the question and he was asking how much cash I had on me! I had none because something prompted me to place my purse on the kitchen table. 2.5 hours later we are finally done with interview only to be told he can not process the claim because he is not an SSI agent that someone else will call us! STILL WAITING 😦

Wednesday: Was more meetings at HNU to discuss orientation and all that. Had a great meeting about transfer orientation which will be on Saturday… I will be doing double duty for orientation because I will be speaking as a transfer and a commuter student. So, on Saturday I will be on a panel answering questions about my transfer experience which for me was quite difficult because it was hard for me to leave my CPC friends…. By the way shoutout to them I hope your enjoying your last few days of summer I ❤ you guys! 🙂 and secondly it was such an adjustment for me it that it was very lonely because I was so used to having a large group of people around me. On Monday I will be speaking as a commuter and my position as the commuter student rep in ASHNU. I really am excited to introduce myself to and explain my goals for the year because the commuters are very under represented. Once the transfer meeting was over I had a meeting with my advisor to see when I could graduate looks like maybe Spring of 2011 or Fall of 2012. 😦 Guess it will take me a little longer because of transferring.

Finally done with meetings time to test out motorized chairs… Then its off to skype into the 2nd ASHNU meeting. Testing out chairs went well no crashes or accidents… I just got a demo chair that is sort of like mine… the horn is so dumb it is a low beep. The only thing that is scary is hills and inclines I still have quite a bit of fear from flipping my chair and break my arm in the 4th grade. I practiced today and gained enough courage to go down the driveway.

2nd ASHNU meeting went well but the skype quality sucks…. Finally got to go to dinner around 9 pm Wednesday night and this was too late because I had not eaten since breakfast around 9 am…. ugh such a long day!

Thursday… Was more phone calls with lawyers about setting up a trust for me and hanging out with my mom because she has to go to work tomorrow!

Gnite all! Project Runways on! *the golden spaula is channeling Tim Gunn and says make it work!*


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