With fall just around the corners its time to start thinking about how to update your wardrobe. But with all trends it is important to make sure they fit your body type well. Because we all know just because its a trend doesn’t mean you have to go out and rush a buy it. The important thing with any piece of clothing or accessory you purchase is that you feel great in and it inspires confidence within you whether or not it is a classic piece or a trend.

My first favorite fall trend that works well on most body types is classic and eye-catching outerwear. Like faux leather, furs, and peacoats. For all body types it is important to experiment with length, colors and fits. For example for a pear shape body type it is good to have a coat that is belted to draw attention to the smallest part of you. Also bright colors like this season’s emerald green is perfect because it looks good on all skin tones and matches well with patterns if you so choose to mix and match prints with solids.

The 2nd top of fall that fits most body types is to embrace classic prints like menswear fabrics or houndstooth. These classic prints are timeless and never go out of style. These pieces can also be considered investment pieces so it ok to splurge and get a luxury brand of an item in such a print because you can use it season after season. My favorite way to use this trend is a skirt or cardigan because these are pieces you can wear for almost any occasion such a business meeting or just a casual lunch with friends.

The third and final trend of all the fall that works for most body types is layering. Layering a great option for the fall because it not only keeps you warm during the crispy fall season but it also adds an element of style to your day because you can mix textures and patterns. For example, a great way to style this trend is to mix a lightweight dress over some leggings that are full of pattern or texture. This allows you to be comfortable yet fashionable.

All and all these are some of the great trends that are coming up this fall! Have fun experimenting with fun outerwear, items with classic prints and layering.